So you want to make art on a boat...

We accept applications any time, contact us prior to applying to check our current status.

To apply to adriftproject:

  • You must be at least 21 years of age.

  • Be able to get to the relevant port (sometimes we can cover that)

  • Physically be able to climb ladders, bend and stoop, lift up to 50 lbs (please list any physical limitations, usually we can work with them, however, some can be too dangerous for this residency)

  • Submit your website or portfolio (delivery by your choosing) of between 10 and 20 images or up to 5 minutes of video or audio.

  • Submit an artist statement and CV, with a brief statement of intent while aboard the vessel.

  • Indicate three (contiguous or otherwise) months you might be available in order of preference.

  • Read, understand, and agree to the ‘Realities of Boat Life’ on the application form below (must sign).

  • Be prepared to sign a liability waiver and video/imagery waiver if selected. (Video/imagery not a requirement)

Realities of Boat Life

Don’t let these points deter you, boat life is absolutely incredible. However, you have to take the good with the reality of it, being able to overcome its hardships, and it isn’t for everyone. Things to consider before applying:

⬗Critical to a successful voyage is maintaining a positive social environment, something that everyone must work on. Positive thinking, understanding, communication, and being able to de-escalate possible conflicts are key.

⬗Being disconnected from land also means you are disconnected from the utilities we have become so accustomed to. On this vessel, electricity and water are finite in different ways. You will be shown the many tactics to conserve them both and how to use them sustainably. If you don’t respect these limitations, the whole crew can suffer. However, when used properly, there is more than enough to go around.

⬗Privacy; it is a small space where sometimes we feel we are on top of each other. There is a lot of room as far as boats go but might not be what you are used to, you must be kind in your spatial interactions with others. Also using the restroom, well, pretty much everyone will know--just a mutual fact of life out here. On the other hand, there are several places you can go to be alone, and if you want privacy just be communicative. We can even drop you off on an island for the day.

⬗Sea Sickness is a threat to almost everyone--some less than others. There are many medications and tricks you can try, we will do our best to avoid it all together. But should you become sick, you mostly have to ride it out. There are tricks for that too.

⬗Bad weather is virtually unavoidable for any extended stay on the water. During these times we will usually be tucked away in an anchorage riding out the storm, but they can have a psychological effect that you must be aware of. By that point you will have been trained on what to do if anything goes wrong so you must remain calm and if possible, be a positive influence on the situation. Some people also love experiencing the power of nature, being so small in something so immense, it can change you even if you don't realize it.

⬗Discomforts: It can get hot or cold. Bugs are thing, harmless spiders, frustrating mosquitos or any of a myriad of flies--biting or not. Consider it glamping!

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