Let us articulate the structure of a session on board Hawa:

Sessions are typically based on calendar months with two residents at a time. Anyone considering this should read carefully and imagine the experience.

Provisioning: Possibly the single most important step is making sure we are well stocked. From staples to guilty pleasures, good morale on board starts with a well fed crew. We will discuss and agree on a cooking/cleaning strategy based on our collective talents or lack thereof. Usually we have one group meal a day, and the rest are as needed.

Orientation and training: Once on board, the first few days will be spent getting comfortable and focusing on basic training in boat handling, emergency management, and first aid. We will watch some videos and perform live exercises to make sure everyone has a feel for the operations. Beyond that you are welcome to get more involved with daily operations and learn as much as I can teach you.

Underway: When we do move, it will usually be under ideal conditions and planned in advance. There will always be myself and someone 'on duty' for any passage, while the others are free to roam about the vessel. However, no one is allowed to work below in the shop while moving and everyone must be available at a moments notice.

Days on anchor: This project is a residency, so we will have plenty of days where we are free to make art, meet with people and each other, go ashore, or just absorb the experience. There will be regular critiques where we can share our progress and give feedback. As with everything, communication is key. We will work with each other to create a fair and balanced work ethic that can meet everyone's needs.

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We are currently in a holding pattern in our southern 'anchor city', Charleston, SC, until at least April '25. We're doing some local jobs, making more connections and working on the boat. You can still participate during this period as a live-aboard and part time worker on board and bring your practice as well.  There is plenty to explore here on land and we will be doing several small trips ranging from one day to even a week.