Michael Fadel

Captain and Founder

Jenn Barnes

1st Mate and Chef

As a mechanical sculptor, my life and practice as an artist revolves around transience and fluidity. I've spent years teaching as well as learning skills in many trades related to my work and core skillset. I've lived on the water since the start of the pandemic, and aboard Hawa since July '22.

Among many other traits gained over the years, I'm a licensed massage therapist with a background in culinary arts.  When I met Michael in New Haven, it didn't take long to decide to jump aboard and be part of the project.  I packed up my house and have been on board since November '22.

Our journey so far began in November '22 when we started southward.  It took us two freezing months to do our first transit to Charleston, SC from New Haven, CT.  We took our time along the way, working on the vessel and staying out of foul weather.  We nested in Charleston for a while to make friends and contacts in the community while continuing to build our floating home.  Our transit north back to New Haven was amazing, starting mid April and arriving at the end of May.  Another summer of working jobs and on the boat, and we were ready for our first true resident that joined us from New Haven to Baltimore on what was another very cold trip, but very satisfying with a good stop over in New York for some awesome art experiences.  We then kept going south back to Charleston, where we currently are nesting for more preparations and projects to be carried out aboard.